Saturday, September 10, 2011

TGC 2011: Invited Talk -Resource Logics for Type-Based Authorization in Distributed Systems

The invited talk "Resource Logics for Type-Based Authorization in Distributed Systems" is given by Michele Bugliesi. The talk is related to authorization and attack in distribution systems.
Type systems for authorization are a popular device for the specification and verification of security properties in distributed systems. Resource logics are a crucial ingredient for the effectiveness of type-based authorization, and its ability to support the analysis of real-life applications, in which the freshness of communication and the effective number of transactions cannot be overlooked such ad e-banking, e-voting, etc.
Implementing resource-aware policies in a distributed environment is challenging, as exchanging transient resources over the network is exposed to the risk of replay attacks.
The speaker developed various patterns for the enforcement of resource-aware authorization by static typing. The speaker also showed the effectiveness of the approach on a number of applications, including cryptographic protocols for session-key establishment, and distributed protocols for e-payment and file hosting services.

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