Friday, November 25, 2011

ECRYPT2 Vampire2 Retreat

Leakage, Leakage, Leakage!

We were hosting again a Vampire research retreat here in Bristol. Roughly 25 people interested in the physical security of cryptography came together to discuss and share ideas about practically relevant attacks and countermeasures. We had a really fantastic crowd coming from all over Europe (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, UK and Austria), with a wide range of interests. We ended up discussing possible new avenues to attacks recent schemes (masking, re-keying), tried to make progress w.r.t difficult practical challenges such as working with very noisy data, as well as work on fundamental questions related to target function properties (aka cipher properties) and DPA resistance.

A big thanks here from us organisers to all participants' motivation, interest, and contributions. Another equally big thanks goes the the EC for their commitment to ECRYPT which enables us to come together in this way!

Hope to see many of this retreat's participants also on our next one in March in Leuven!

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