Sunday, August 22, 2010

CHES 2010 rump session

Short summary of the 2010 CHES rump session:

There will be a Journal of Cryptographic Engineering (JCEN), a new Springer journal, covering the research areas of the CHES Workshop; the first issue will be published in February 2011. Papers can be submitted from 15 September.

CHES will be held in Tokyo next year in the last week of September. For
2012, the CHES organisation is still up for grabs; however, the conference
needs to be held somewhere in Europe.

From an entertainment perspective, the points did go to Jean-Jacques Quisquater: He elaborated on how paul, the world cup octopus, could serve the crypto community as an oracle. After that, Stefan tried to educate the audience of how NOT to compare hardware designs.

Sergei Skorobogatov currently develops new technology for effective side-channel analysis that allows a full break of AES on a real device in less than one second. Results can soon be expected on his personal homepage.

Apparently, the second DPA contest is still accepting submissions and participants will be honoured with a free SASEBO-GII board.

As every year, there was an announcement that a new SASEBO board will be
available soon; in addition, they also offer EM probes for side-channel
analysis. Finally, Josh Jaffe from Cryptography Research explained that now
side-channel attacks that analyse one billion traces are possible.

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