Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Asiacrypt 2011 Day 3

There were two talks discussing secret sharing at Asiacrypt day 3: one talk on the paper "Computational verfiable secret sharing revisited" and the other talk on the paper "Natural generalization of threshold secret sharing".

In the former paper, the authors demonstrate that homomorphism of comments is not a necessary for computational verifiable secret sharing (computational VSS) in the synchronous or in the asynchronous communication model. The author consider computational VSS as a standalone primitive and propose new VSS schemes based on the definitional properties of commitments that are almost as good as the existing VSS schemes based on homomorphic commitments.

In the later paper, the authors study the research for new families of ideal access structures that are among the most generalization of threshold secret sharing. The authors also study the efficiency analysis of the methods to construct ideal secret sharing schemes. By using integer polymatroids, the authors propose a number of new families of ideal multipartite access structures.

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